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Chairman is a comedy series that shows the story of rich and uneducated man who buys a newspaper company hoping to use it to facilitate his political interest. He places the company under the management his girlfriend.unfortunately, he ends up with a dying business that causes trouble on a daily basis than making profit. The movie stars  Faithia Balogun Williams alongside Muyiwa Adegoke and Etinosa Idemudia.

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Chairman follows the story of Gbadebo (Muyiwa Adegoke), a wealthy and uneducated politician who is  also the Chairman of the union. Chairman buys a newspaper company in order to facilitate his political interest. Although he ends

up with a dying business that causes trouble on a daily basis than it makes profit.
The series was created by Bola Oba and Directed by Imoh Umoren and  features top actors like Fathia Balogun Williams, Muyiwa Adegoke and Etinosa Idemudia  is a must watch.


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