Michael Scorsese once commented that all a painter needs to create is one hand but a filmmaker needs all hands. In line with this, there is no doubt to the power that lies in collaboration particularly among creatives and giving credence to this fact, FSM Hub has carved out the CENTRE TABLE which is our co-creation space which is open to creatives from all over who are interested in harnessing the power that lies in collaboration particularly for the creation of video and digital content. This space is one that brews with creativity as well as creative individuals with knowledge in all aspects of Content Creation and Video Production.

Be Creative,

So, if you ever feel like there is a need for you to take your idea for a walk, wouldn’t you rather table it at the Centre Table. This space has a meeting room, a board room, brewing coffee and an open space that aids creativity. With all these in place, your idea can only get better.

  • Research
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Consulting
  • Brand Planning
  • Client Satisfactory
  • Planning
Pre production95%
Product Design80%
Post production85%